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a183N Body Voltage Meter

Price: 89.95

a115 Surface Resistivity and Ground Test Meter

Price: 49.95

A174-AU 2-Prong Plug Adapter for Australia

Price: 2.00

P497 Geo-Phone, Advanced

Price: 99.95

a151 Natural EM Meter

Price: 199.95

a189 Surface Resistivity Meter

Price: 420.00

a416 AC/DC Clamp Meter

Price: 89.95

a224P Grounded Plug

Price: 5.95

a739 Extension Cord, Shielded 12 foot

Price: 42.90

a723 Outlet Cover, Super Jumbo

Price: 29.95

a722-10 Outlet Cover, Oversize, 10 pack

Price: 80.00

a722 Outlet Cover, Oversize

Price: 9.95

a723-10 Outlet Cover, Super Jumbo, 10 pack

Price: 250.00

a720-10 Switch Plate, Oversize, 10 pack

Price: 80.00

a721-10 Switch Plate, Super Jumbo, 10 pack

Price: 250.00

a1211-case Conductive Tubing

Price: 199.00

a804 3 Outlet Socket Adapter

Price: 2.95

k388 Signal Generator

Price: 149.95

k389 Jumbo Coil

Price: 34.95

k627 Magnets book

Price: 12.95

k420 MagnaProbe

Price: 14.95

k3100 Geomagnetometer

Price: 750.00

k3105 Zero Gauss Chamber

Price: 395.00

k1120-case Magnetic Field Viewer Card

Price: 123.50

k1120 Magnetic Field Viewer Card

Price: 2.75

k111 Single Axis Gaussmeter

Price: 79.95

k273 GIRON

Price: 44.95

k787 Alkaline 9V Battery

Price: 1.95

k175-B Budget Buzz Stick

Price: 19.95

k123 1.75 Inch Compass

Price: 2.50

You may also need: 783 RADEX RD1503... low cost Geiger Counter checks for radioactivity

Price: 159.95  

You may also need: 232 BLOC-SOCK .. cellphone shielding pouch reduces harmful microwave radiation

Price: 34.95  

You may also need: 142-20 Pocket Magnetometer... DC magnetic meter

Price: 65.95  

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