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a446 iPhone Extension Cord

Price: 4.95

a424 Voltage Detector

Price: 10.49

a152-D Digital E-Field Meter

Price: 299.95

a152 AC Electric Field Meter

Price: 169.95

a188 Electrostatic Locator

Price: 410.00

a403 E-Field Sensor Alarm

Price: 59.95

a480 Digital Combination Meter

Price: 149.00

a109 2.45 GHz Meter for Microwave Ovens

Price: 109.95

a142-20 Pocket Magnetometer

Price: 65.95

a481 High Frequency Meter

Price: 347.00

a480 Digital Combination Meter

Price: 149.00

a2100-T Kilogauss Meter Trans

Price: 525.00

a103 K2 Meter

Price: 59.90

a783 Low Cost Radiation Monitor

Price: 179.95

a420 MagnaProbe

Price: 14.95

a183N Body Voltage Meter

Price: 89.95

a489 8 GHz RF Meter

Price: 499.00

a493 IR Thermometer

Price: 79.95

a111 Single Axis Gauss Meter

Price: 79.95

a803 High Frequency Pollution Meter for Wiring

Price: 99.95

a429 Pro Microwave Oven Survey Meter

Price: 545.00

a139 Acoustimeter

Price: 469.95

a481 High Frequency Meter

Price: 347.00

You may also need: 452 SOCKET TESTER... check for safe ground connection in your sockets

Price: 14.95  

You may also need: 297 PORTABLE GROUND STAKE... best ground reference, easy to take with you

Price: 12.95  

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