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a309 PS2-USB adapter for mouse

Price: 4.95

a728 Cup Holder Mount

Price: 34.95

a333 Pocket Sticker

Price: 19.95

a754-V RadiaFence vertical

Price: 13.95

a754-H RadiaFence horizontal

Price: 13.95

a316 RF Kill Box

Price: 18.65

a238 Ferrite Snap Bead

Price: 4.95

A257-N HARApad Black/Gray

Price: 99.95

a263-XL Silverell Hoodie X-Large

Price: 159.95

a232 BlocSock

Price: 24.95

a616 Healing Severe Chemical and EMF Sensitivity

Price: 17.95

a175-B Budget Buzz Stick

Price: 21.95

a336-XL Cellphone Anti-Radiation Holster - XL

Price: 29.95


Price: 31.95

a356-335-P Crib Sheet Set plus Pink Baby Blanket

Price: 259.90

a364 Formal Vest

Price: 99.95

a684 Would You Put Your Head...

Price: 16.49

E599-H Disconnect sale

Price: 16.95

a614 Overpowered

Price: 23.95

a685 Full Signal (DVD)

Price: 19.99

a715 CellPhones Prohibited Sign

Price: 14.95

a907 Cell-Shield (small) RS0012

Price: 49.95

a725 Ultra Low EMF Telephone

Price: 99.95

a754-J RadiaFence jumbo

Price: 34.95

a276-12 Foil, Magnetic Shielding 12x.004

Price: 20.95

a262-M Brownell Hoodie Medium

Price: 139.95

a356-335-B Crib Sheet Set plus Blue Baby Blanket

Price: 259.90

a1284-roll Safety Silk 100 ft

Price: 1,346.00

Roll Surcharge * Ex-Static

Price: 10.00

a1209-roll EX-STATIC White

Price: 371.00

a1231-roll SoftandSafe 100 ft

Price: 1,646.00

a612 Backyard Secret Exposed

Price: 17.95

a637 Hang Up Drive

Price: 4.95

a754-S RadiaFence small

Price: 12.95

a452T Socket Tester

Price: 4.95

a295-18 Ground Cable, 18inch

Price: 2.00

a298-C Banana to Alligator Cable

Price: 3.79

a212-2x2 Extra Large Anti-Static Mat 2x2’

Price: 75.00

a469 Velcro A-S Wrist Strap

Price: 3.95

a212 Anti Static Mat with Cover

Price: 39.95

a351-a Shielded Glove adult size

Price: 16.95

A701 Electric Paint

Price: 12.95

a214 Vehicle Ground Strap

Price: 14.95

a291-50-R Ground Stake Kit 50 ft ring

Price: 40.95

a291-ext 50' Banana Extension

Price: 19.95

a291-50-C Ground Stake Kit 50 ft clamp

Price: 42.95

a286 In Line Fuse Holder

Price: 4.95

a295-4 Ground Cable, plug-clamp 6ft

Price: 8.95

a403 E-Field Sensor Alarm

Price: 59.95

You may also need:
452 SOCKET TESTER... check for safe ground connection in your sockets

Price: 14.95  

297 PORTABLE GROUND STAKE... best ground reference, easy to take with you

Price: 12.95  

I know someone who is also concerned about EMFs. Please include an extra catalog.

Price: 0.00  

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