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a274-roll MagnetShield 250'

Price: $844.00

a273-roll GIRON full roll

Price: $3,364.00

a721-10 Switch Plate, Super Jumbo, 10 pack

Price: $250.00

a278-0.47 Mumetal Rod 0.47 inch

Price: $4.81

a274-15 MagnetShield Plate 15x36x015

Price: $39.95

a722 Outlet Cover, Oversize

Price: $9.95

a277-0459 MagStop Plate

Price: $2,011.00

a271-roll FINEMET full roll

Price: $6,500.00

a278-1.73 Mumetal Rod 1.73 inch

Price: $41.16

a723-10 Outlet Cover, Super Jumbo, 10 pack

Price: $250.00

a223 MuCord per ft

Price: $1.75

a273-24P GIRON for poster, 24 inch

Price: $97.90

A495 3-Axis RF Meter

Price: $199.95

a410 VLF Receiver

Price: $199.95

a277-0429 MagStop Plate

Price: $1,046.00

a274 MagnetShield

Price: $4.50

a234-xl Belly Band x-large

Price: $59.95

A932 Speaker Magnet Shield

Price: $9.95

A269 SHIELDENE Corrosion Resistant Magnetic Shield Plate

Price: $59.95

a277-0224 MagStop Plate

Price: $1,194.00

a804 3 Outlet Socket Adapter

Price: $2.95

a278-2.36 Mumetal Rod 2.36 inch

Price: $82.33

a278-0.98 Mumetal Rod 0.98 inch

Price: $20.93

a224R Grounded Socket

Price: $5.95

a721 Switch Plate, Super Jumbo

Price: $29.95

a278-0.75 Mumetal Rod 0.75 inch

Price: $12.75


Price: $25.95

a278-0.25 Mumetal Rod 0.25 inch

Price: $1.90

a277-0624 MagStop Plate

Price: $3,583.00

a279 Upper Body Shield

Price: $69.95

a277-0424 MagStop Plate

Price: $2,388.00

a485 20 dB Attenuator

Price: $69.95

A137 RadAware

Price: $169.95

a722-10 Outlet Cover, Oversize, 10 pack

Price: $80.00

a275-5 .005 Mumetal Wire

Price: $75.00

a270-roll PaperSHIELD roll

Price: $1,150.00

a275-W Wide Spira-Shield

Price: $291.00

A270 PaperSHIELD

Price: $18.00

a277-0259 MagStop Plate

Price: $1,056.00

a481-kit High Frequency Meter with Case

Price: $495.00

a277 Joint Shield

Price: $39.95

a275-T Thin Spira-Shield

Price: $241.00

a276-04 Foil, Magnetic Shielding 15x.004

Price: $24.95

a277-0229 MagStop Plate

Price: $548.00

a724 Double Outlet Cover, Oversize

Price: $11.95

a723 Outlet Cover, Super Jumbo

Price: $29.95

a224P Grounded Plug

Price: $5.95

a720 Switch Plate, Oversize

Price: $9.95

A499 ESI 21

Price: $99.95

a278-3.94 Mumetal Rod 3.94 inch

Price: $211.12

a275-25 .025 Mumetal Wire

Price: $85.00

a720-10 Switch Plate, Oversize, 10 pack

Price: $80.00

a277-roll Joint Shield 100'

Price: $3,595.50

a198 Near Field Antenna

Price: $49.95

MSAS Magnetic Shielding Alloy Samples

Price: $25.00

a274-36 MagnetShield Plate 36x120x015

Price: $259.00

a277-0659 MagStop Plate

Price: $3,061.00

You may also need:
142-20 Pocket Magnetometer... DC magnetic meter

Price: $65.95  

412 TIN SNIPS... to cut your shielding

Price: $11.99  

289 TexCare... best laundry soap for shielding fabrics, gentle on silver

Price: $17.95  


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