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a738 Extension Cord, Shielded 6 foot

Price: 33.40

a739 Extension Cord, Shielded 12 foot

Price: 42.90

a148-110 Line Noise Meter 110V

Price: 159.95

a148-220 Line Noise Meter 220V

Price: 159.95

a120 PC Based Oscilloscope

Price: 289.00

a128-T Telescoping Antenna

Price: 15.00

a314 4-Outlet Power Strip with Switch

Price: 6.99

a208 Economy Exterior Smart Meter Shield Kit

Price: 19.95

a1213 Nickel/Copper RipStop Fabric, per lin ft (add to kit)

Price: 12.95

a1219 Smart Meter Shield Kit

Price: 349.95

Roll Surcharge * AL60

Price: 10.00

a2273-roll AL60 Wall Shield 328 ft

Price: 1,312.00

A2273 AL60 Wall Shield, per lin ft

Price: 5.95

a244-XXL Anti-Wave Briefs, xx-large

Price: 36.00

a218 Radiation Blocking Headband

Price: 24.95

a260 Hooded Scarf

Price: 95.95

a205-xl Silver Lining T-shirt, xl

Price: 79.95

a219 Balaclava Shield

Price: 59.95

a333 Pocket Sticker

Price: 19.95

a366-XXXL Coverall w/ Hood - 3XL

Price: 295.00

a267-XL Esmog Pants X-Large

Price: 127.26

a245-XL Anti-Wave T-shirt, Mens x-large

Price: 79.95

a262-S Brownell Hoodie Small

Price: 129.95

a267-S Esmog Pants Small

Price: 102.26

A903 Maternity Apron

Price: 89.95

a228 Radio Wrap

Price: 59.95

a234-xl Belly Band x-large

Price: 59.95

a231-XL RadiaShield Boxer X-Large

Price: 49.00

a367-XXL Lab Coat, size XXL

Price: 195.00

a212 Anti Static Mat, black

Price: 39.95

a241-S Anti-Wave Leggings, small

Price: 89.95

a245-L Anti-Wave T-shirt, Mens large

Price: 79.95

a247-S Anti-Wave T-shirt, Womens small SALE

Price: 74.95

a221 Brain Coat

Price: 49.95

a234-s Belly Band small

Price: 59.95

a231-M RadiaShield Boxer Medium

Price: 49.00

a262-XL Brownell Hoodie X-Large

Price: 159.95

a231-L RadiaShield Boxer Large

Price: 49.00

a263-XL Silverell Hoodie X-Large

Price: 159.95

a367-L Lab Coat, size L

Price: 195.00

a352 Conductive Socks Gray

Price: 19.95

a312 Disposable Shielding Poncho w/ Hood

Price: 4.95

a262-L Brownell Hoodie Large

Price: 149.95

a245-XL Anti-Wave T-shirt, Mens x-large SALE

Price: 74.95

a247-M Anti-Wave T-shirt, Womens medium SALE

Price: 74.95

a351-c Shielded Gloves child size

Price: 16.95

a261-XL Silverell Boxer X-Large

Price: 69.95

a263-M Silverell Hoodie Medium

Price: 139.95

a366-XL Coverall w/ Hood - Xlarge

Price: 295.00

a245-XXL Anti-Wave T-shirt, Mens x-large

Price: 79.95

a263-S Silverell Hoodie Small

Price: 129.95

a247-L Anti-Wave T-shirt, Womens large SALE

Price: 74.95

a216 Safeguard Apron

Price: 59.95

a217 Skull Cap

Price: 54.95

a222 eyeShield

Price: 28.95

You may also need: 750 Baby Monitor Shield... Protect baby from microwave radiation

Price: 19.95  

You may also need: 532 TAKE BACK YOUR POWER DVD... expose on smart meters and radiofrequency hazards

Price: 19.95  

You may also need: 289 TexCare... best laundry soap for shielding fabrics, gentle on silver

Price: 17.95  

You may also need: 802 Stetzer Filter... Removes Dirty Electricity from household wiring

Price: 35.00  

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