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a723 Outlet Cover, Super Jumbo

Price: $29.95

a657 Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Workbook

Price: $24.95

a236-EXT Phone Extension Cord 2.5

Price: $4.95

a720 Switch Plate, Oversize

Price: $9.95

a289-L TexCare 1 liter

Price: $17.95

a224R Grounded Socket

Price: $5.95

a225 Tape: Ni/Cu/Co Fabric

Price: $19.95

a900 Gift Certificate

Price: $1.00


Price: $25.00

a717 Best Non-Electric Toothbrush

Price: $2.95

a802-1 Stetzer Filter

Price: $35.00

a207 Hook and Loop Fastener

Price: $21.00

a308 Multi-Setting Timer

Price: $18.95

a109 2.45 GHz Meter for Microwave Ovens

Price: $109.95

a294 Snap/Ring Combo

Price: $2.00

a722 Outlet Cover, Oversize

Price: $9.95

a115 Surface Resistivity and Ground Test Meter

Price: $49.95

a389 Jumbo Coil

Price: $44.95

a520 Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation

Price: $24.95

a311 Outlet Shut-Off Switch

Price: $4.95

a900 Gift Certificate

Price: $1.00

a725 Ultra Low EMF Telephone

Price: $99.95

128-3.5 BNC dual ban-3.5 cable

Price: $14.95

a280 Air Tube Headset 2 band, 2.5mm, clear

Price: $21.95

a295-12 Ground Cable, plug-gator 12-ft

Price: $8.95

a291-ext 50' Banana Extension

Price: $19.95

a386 Personal Schumann Device

Price: $49.95

a183N Body Voltage Meter

Price: $89.95

a314-4 4-Outlet Power Strip with Switch

Price: $6.99

a722-10 Outlet Cover, Oversize, 10 pack

Price: $80.00

A174-2EU 2-Prong Plug Adapter for Asia/Europe

Price: $2.00

a721 Switch Plate, Super Jumbo

Price: $29.95

a487 Remote Circuit Shut-Off Switch

Price: $339.00

a802-20 Stetzer Multi-Pak: set of 20 filters

Price: $659.95

a388 Schumann Signal Generator

Price: $169.95

a488 Extra 4 Circuit Contactor

Price: $140.00

a314-6 6-Outlet Power Strip with Switch

Price: $8.99

A701 Electric Paint

Price: $12.95

a802-5 Stetzer Multi-Pak: set of 5 filters

Price: $164.75

a690 Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity

Price: $29.95

a183-stake Body Voltage Meter w/ Ground Stake

Price: $129.90

You may also need:
452 SOCKET TESTER... check for safe ground connection in your sockets

Price: $14.95  

297 PORTABLE GROUND STAKE... best ground reference, easy to take with you

Price: $12.95  

803 Stetzer Microsurge Meter... test for Dirty Electricity in your home's wiring

Price: $99.95  


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