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a130 Gauss Master

Price: 34.95

E130 GaussMaster sale

Price: 30.00

a180 VLF Magnetic Probe

Price: 150.00

a459 Pro 1-Axis Gaussmeter

Price: 99.95

a111 Single Axis Digital Gaussmeter

Price: 79.95

a130-case Gauss Master

Price: 960.00

a711 Deluxe Instrument Case

Price: 18.95

A107 3-Axis Backlight Gaussmeter

Price: 269.00

a121-case E.L.F.-Zone

Price: 700.00

A108 3-Axis Gaussmeter Ignores Powerlines

Price: 319.00

a1132-A DC/AC Gaussmeter Axial Probe

Price: 1,195.00

a175-B Budget Buzz Stick

Price: 19.95

a154 Personal EMF Alarm

Price: 189.95

a153 Switchable 3:1 Axis Gaussmeter

Price: 299.95

a1132-T DC/AC Gaussmeter Trans Probe

Price: 1,195.00

a425 Peak/Hold Gaussmeter

Price: 99.95

E425 Peak-Hold Gaussmeter sale

Price: 79.95

a3100 Geomagnetometer

Price: 750.00

P441 Clip On Snake Lite

Price: 3.95

a1100-50 Commercial Mag Field Meter 50Hz

Price: 625.00

a410 VLF Receiver

Price: 199.95

a425 Peak-Hold Gaussmeter

Price: 99.95

A103 K-2 Delux With Push ON/OFF

Price: 59.90

a134-cable 3.5 to 3.5mm Cable

Price: 4.95

You may also need: 787 9V BATTERY... Duracell quality at a great price

Price: 1.95  

You may also need: 496 GEO-PHONE... detects subtle vibrations

Price: 59.95  

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