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a1101-AT Hall Effect Gaussmeter Axial and Trans

Price: 650.00

a711 Deluxe Instrument Case

Price: 18.95

a3100 Geomagnetometer

Price: 750.00

a1133 3 Axis DC/AC Gaussmeter

Price: 3,500.00

a2100-AT KiloGaussmeter axial and trans

Price: 650.00

a123 1.75 Inch Compass

Price: 2.50

a3200 DC/AC milliGaussmeter

Price: 1,695.00

a1132-T DC/AC Gaussmeter Trans Probe

Price: 1,195.00

a1132-UT DC/AC Gaussmeter Ultra-thin Trans Probe

Price: 1,195.00

a142-20-calib Pocket Magnetometer 20-0-20 calibrated

Price: 99.95

a1101-UT Hall Effect Gaussmeter ultra-thin transverse

Price: 525.00

a402 Hall Effect Sensor

Price: 2.00

a1132-AT DC-AC/Gaussmeter Both A-and-T Probes

Price: 1,445.00

a1101-A Hall Effect Gaussmeter axial

Price: 525.00

a112 AC/DC milliGaussmeter

Price: 399.95

a157 MicroMag

Price: 175.00

a1122 Filing Viewer

Price: 4.95

a3110 Small Zero Gauss Chamber

Price: 199.00

a1120 Magnetic Field Viewer Card

Price: 2.75

A265D Faraday Bag Document Size

Price: 8.95

a144 ElectroSensor

Price: 29.95

a121 E.L.F.-Zone

Price: 12.95

a112 AC/DC milliGaussmeter

Price: 399.95

a494 Datalogging 3-axis Gaussmeter PC

Price: 199.95

a1131 ELF 3-axis Gaussmeter

Price: 1,495.00

a3105 Zero Gauss Chamber

Price: 395.00

a130 Gauss Master

Price: 34.95

a738 Extension Cord, Shielded 6 foot

Price: 33.40

a128-T Telescoping Antenna

Price: 15.00

a739 Extension Cord, Shielded 12 foot

Price: 42.90

a124 AM/FM Portable Radio

Price: 14.95

a804 3 Outlet Socket Adapter

Price: 2.95

a120 PC Based Oscilloscope

Price: 289.00

a314 4-Outlet Power Strip with Switch

Price: 6.99

a148-220 Line Noise Meter 220V

Price: 159.95

a339 EMP CAN

Price: 14.95

a900 Gift Certificate

Price: 1.00

a1232-roll Staticot 100 ft

Price: 712.50

a1281-roll Silver Jersey Knit 100 ft

Price: 1,871.25

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