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P468 Digital Local-Remote Thermometer

Price: 9.95

P744 Deluxe Paranormal Kit

Price: 259.70

P151 Natural EM Meter

Price: 199.95

P604 Field Guide to Ghost Hunting Techniques

Price: 14.95

P407 Vibration Alarm

Price: 9.95

P921 ParaScope

Price: 79.99

P174-A AC to 9V DC Adapter for P108

Price: 12.95

P741 Original Starter Paranormal Kit

Price: 99.95

P190 Ghost Hunting Party

Price: 99.95

P107 3-Axis Backlight Gaussmeter

Price: 269.00

P100 P-SB7 Real Time Spirit Box

Price: 69.90

P146 Ghost Detector Sensor Array

Price: 39.99

P712 Foam Inserts

Price: 10.00

P150-60 Trifield Meter 60Hz

Price: 149.95

P108 3-Axis Gaussmeter Ignores Powerlines

Price: 319.00

P175-EXT 12 Foot Extension

Price: 4.95

P923 Paramid

Price: 89.99

P461 UV Flashlight

Price: 29.95

P586 Dead Whispers

Price: 19.95

P472 EMF Hunter

Price: 79.95

P175 Magnetic Pickup

Price: 4.95

P751 USB Sound Recorder

Price: 18.95

P144 ElectroSensor

Price: 29.95

P741-UGT Starter Paranormal Kit plus Ultimate Ghost Tech

Price: 115.75

P400 Pen-type IR Thermometer

Price: 24.95

P496 Geo-Phone, Basic

Price: 29.95

P451 EDI Research Device

Price: 195.00

P121-case E.L.F.-Zone

Price: 700.00

a900 Gift Certificate

Price: 1.00

P407-147 Vibration Alarm plus Motion Sensor Combo

Price: 24.90

P731 EVP Recorder

Price: 39.95

k113 Tri-Field Meter Kit

Price: 74.95

P175 Magnetic Pickup

Price: 4.95

P196 Monitor 4

Price: 3,666,660.00

P105R Mag-Temp Meter

Price: 109.90

P175-ext Pick-up Extension Cord

Price: 4.95

a130-case Gauss Master

Price: 960.00

P150-case Trifield Meter

Price: 5,623.00

P783 SALE Low Cost Radiation Monitor

Price: 179.95

P556 101 Ways to Find a Ghost

Price: 10.95

P742 Couples Ghost Hunt Kit

Price: 255.95

P103 K-2 Delux With Push On/Off

Price: 59.90

a787 Alkaline 9V Battery

Price: 1.95

P496-S 3.5 mm Splitter Accessory

Price: 2.75

P922 GeoPod

Price: 99.99

P111 Single Axis Gaussmeter

Price: 79.95

P156-2M Air Ion Counter - 2M

Price: 499.95

A753 Night Light with Motion Sensing

Price: 9.95

P414 Mini Hygro-Thermometer

Price: 14.95

P711 Deluxe Instrument Case

Price: 18.95

P442 Finger Lites

Price: 1.95

You may also need: 783 RADEX RD1503... low cost Geiger Counter checks for radioactivity

Price: 159.95  

You may also need: 787 9V BATTERY... Duracell quality at a great price

Price: 1.95  

You may also need: 496 GEO-PHONE... detects subtle vibrations

Price: 59.95  

You may also need: 142-20 Pocket Magnetometer... DC magnetic meter

Price: 65.95  

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