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a152-D Digital E-Field Meter

Price: 199.95

A174-3EU 3-Prong Adapter for Asia/Europe

Price: 4.00

A147 Portable Motion Sensor

Price: 19.95

a280 Air Tube Headset 2 band, 2.5mm, white

Price: 19.95

P496 Geo-Phone, Basic

Price: 29.95

a291-ext 50’ Banana Extension

Price: 19.95

a156 Air Ion Counter

Price: 499.95

a130-case Gauss Master

Price: 960.00

k1121 Magnetic Field Viewer Gel

Price: 59.00

k2100-T KiloGaussmeter trans

Price: 525.00

a359-K Anti-Radiation Pillowcase, king

Price: 79.95

a359 Anti-Radiation Pillowcase

Price: 79.95

a495 3-Axis RF Meter

Price: 199.95

a802-1 Stetzer Filter

Price: 35.00

a173 Audio Amplifier

Price: 14.99

a120 PC Based Oscilloscope

Price: 289.00

A442 Finger Lites

Price: 1.95

a416 AC/DC Clamp Meter

Price: 89.95

a435 Cornet Near Field Probe

Price: 59.00

a712 Foam Inserts

Price: 10.00

a787 Alkaline 9V Battery

Price: 1.95

A176 Automobile DC-DC Adapter

Price: 9.95

a491-A RS-232 to USB Adapter

Price: 19.95

A128-3.5 Cable:Dual Banana_3.5

Price: 14.95

a179-2 Compact DMM

Price: 59.95

A174-9, AC to 9V adapter

Price: 12.95

A174-12, AC to 12V adapter

Price: 8.95

A298-C Banana to Alligator Cable

Price: 3.79

a175-ext 12' Pick up Extension cable

Price: 4.95

a175 Magnetic Pickup

Price: 4.95

P134-CABLE Audio Amplifier Output Cable

Price: 4.95

You may also need: 289 TexCare... best laundry soap for shielding fabrics, gentle on silver

Price: 17.95  

You may also need: 803 Stetzer Microsurge Meter... test for Dirty Electricity in your home's wiring

Price: 99.95  

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