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k1122 Filing Viewer

Price: 4.95

A701 Electric Paint

Price: 12.95

k626 Electricity book

Price: 14.95

a3105 Zero Gauss Chamber

Price: 395.00

a224R Grounded Socket

Price: 5.95

k111 Single Axis Gaussmeter

Price: 79.95

P496 Geo-Phone, Basic

Price: 29.95

k627 Magnets book

Price: 12.95

a141-kit Home Survey Kit

Price: 444.80

a739 Extension Cord, Shielded 12 foot

Price: 42.90

k142-100 Pocket Magnetometer 100-0-100G

Price: 165.00

P751 USB Sound Recorder

Price: 18.95

a112 AC/DC milliGaussmeter

Price: 399.95

a298-C Banana to Alligator Cable

Price: 3.79

a130-case Gauss Master

Price: 960.00

A290-Grd Ground Kit for Paint

Price: 39.95

k1120-case Magnetic Field Viewer Card

Price: 123.50

A462-G BNC Breakout Gator

Price: 5.95

You may also need:
142-20 Pocket Magnetometer... DC magnetic meter

Price: 65.95  

I know someone who is also concerned about EMFs. Please include an extra catalog.

Price: 0.00  

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