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a711 Deluxe Instrument Case

Price: 18.95

a498 ESI 24 EMF Monitor

Price: 280.00

A145 Handy Meter

Price: 159.95

a1132-AT DC/AC Gaussmeter Both A-and-T Probes

Price: 1,445.00

A438n Improved Tri-Mode Meter

Price: 199.95

a482 Professional Combination Meter

Price: 397.00

A114 MicroTesla Meter

Price: 49.95

a1132-T DC/AC Gaussmeter Trans Probe

Price: 1,195.00

a3105 Zero Gauss Chamber

Price: 395.00

a906 Osun PaceAlert Mini

Price: 125.00

A105R Mag-Temp Meter

Price: 109.90

A150-TF2 Trifield Meter model TF2

Price: 168.00

Free Mini Zero Gauss Chamber

Price: 0.00

A141 Pocket PF5 Meter

Price: 159.95

a141-kit Home Survey Kit

Price: 444.80

A473 EMF Hunter

Price: 79.95

a196-M Monitor 4 metric

Price: 375.00

a160 UV AplusB Intensity Meter

Price: 249.00

E468 Digital In/Out Thermometer sale

Price: 7.00

a493 Laser IR Thermometer

Price: 49.95

A468 Digital Local-Remote Thermometer

Price: 9.95

a430 Portable Geiger Counter with Data Logging

Price: 149.95

A400 Pen-type IR Thermometer

Price: 24.95

a905 SunMate

Price: 35.00

a445 Remote Control Tester

Price: 12.95

a783 SALE Low Cost Radiation Monitor

Price: 99.95

E783 Low Cost Radiation Monitor sale

Price: 89.95

a195-E Ranger EXP

Price: 780.00

a195 Ranger

Price: 580.00

a162 UV C Intensity Meter

Price: 239.00

a106 USB Geiger Counter

Price: 219.00

a495 3-Axis RF Meter

Price: 199.95

a197-6 RF Explorer 6G Combo

Price: 365.00

A119D Broadcast Frequency Counter

Price: 269.00

a483 Extended Range High Frequency Meter

Price: 795.00

a481 High Frequency Meter

Price: 347.00

a498 ESI 24 EMF Monitor

Price: 280.00

A489 8 GHz Electrosmog Meter

Price: 499.00

A409 18 GHz RF Meter

Price: 139.95

a410 VLF Receiver

Price: 199.95

A140 Acousticom2

Price: 199.95

a498 ESI 24

Price: 280.00

a482 Professional Combination Meter

Price: 347.00

a145 Handy Meter

Price: 159.95

a438n Improved Tri-Mode Meter

Price: 199.95

a152-D Digital E-Field Meter

Price: 299.95

a403 E-Field Sensor Alarm

Price: 59.95

a114 MicroTesla Meter

Price: 49.95

a141 Pocket PF5 Meter

Price: 159.95

a150-TF2 Trifield Meter model TF2

Price: 168.00

a207-L-roll Loop only, master roll

Price: 1,181.00

A701 Electric Paint

Price: 12.95

a207-H-roll Hook only, master roll

Price: 1,181.00

A253 QTC

Price: 2.00

a295-12 Ground Cable, plug-gator 12-ft

Price: 8.95

a207 Hook and Loop Fastener

Price: 21.00

a304 Bobbin Thread silver

Price: 13.00

a237-g SilverSpun Yarn, gray

Price: 30.00

a1226 Conductive Thread

Price: 49.95

a294 Snap/Ring Combo

Price: 2.00

a115 Surface Resistivity and Ground Test Meter

Price: 49.95


Price: 25.00

a225 Tape: Ni/Cu/Co Fabric

Price: 19.95

a306 Bobbin Thread Stainless

Price: 4.95

a229 Aluminum Foil Tape

Price: 4.95

a275-W Wide Spira-Shield

Price: 291.00

a275-T Thin Spira-Shield

Price: 241.00

A174-12 Universal International DC Power Supply

Price: 8.95

A384 Tuning to 7.83 Hz

Price: 10.00

You may also need:
289 TexCare... best laundry soap for shielding fabrics, gentle on silver

Price: 17.95  

I know someone who is also concerned about EMFs. Please include an extra catalog.

Price: 0.00  

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