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a259 MW Absorbing Sheet, per lin ft (add to kit)

Price: $9.95

a532 Take Back Your Power

Price: $19.95

a183N Body Voltage Meter

Price: $89.95

A174-2EU 2-Prong Plug Adapter for Asia/Europe

Price: $2.00

a124 AM/FM Portable Radio

Price: $18.95

a148-110 Line Noise Meter 110V

Price: $159.95

a1211 Conductive Tubing

Price: $1.15

a802-3M Stetzer Multi-Pak: set of 3 filters plus Meter

Price: $184.80

a812 GreenWave Broadband EMI Meter

Price: $130.00

a802-20 Stetzer Multi-Pak: set of 20 filters

Price: $659.95

a452 Socket Tester Including Proper Ground Test

Price: $14.95

A1215-60-5 ScotchTint 60 by5ft

Price: $100.00

a736-6 Power Cord, Shielded 6 foot

Price: $26.45

a802-5 Stetzer Multi-Pak: set of 5 filters

Price: $164.75

a445 Remote Control Tester

Price: $12.95

a809 GreenWave Filter 8 Pack

Price: $224.00

a1213 Nickel/Copper RipStop Fabric, per lin ft (add to kit)

Price: $12.95

A1214-36-5 ScotchTint 36 by5ft

Price: $100.00

a803 Stetzer Meter

Price: $99.95

a183-stake Body Voltage Meter w/ Ground Stake

Price: $129.90

a189 Surface Resistivity Meter

Price: $420.00

A147-case Portable Motion Sensor case

Price: $538.56

a291-ext 50' Banana Extension

Price: $19.95

P497 Geo-Phone, Advanced

Price: $99.95

a235 Ground Plug Adapter

Price: $11.95

a803 Stetzer Meter

Price: $99.95

A1214-60-5 ScotchTint 60 by5ft

Price: $125.00


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