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Product Quantity Price Amount
O-2 Manual Practical-Optics Delete25.00 25.00
G-2 Manual, Complex-Escapement-Retard-Shutter-Part-1 Delete20.00 20.00
S-4 Manual Exposure-Control-Systems Delete20.00 20.00
E-8 Manual Electronic-Flash-Units Delete20.00 20.00
E-1 Manual Photographic-Electricity Delete20.00 20.00
B-1 Manual Photo-Equip-Tech Delete15.00 15.00
S-6 Manual, Testing-Shutter-Speeds Delete18.00 18.00
B-4 Manual Darkroom-Techniques Delete20.00 20.00
B-3 Manual Photographic-Techniques Delete20.00 20.00
B-5 Manual The-Workshop,-Bench-And-Tools Delete15.00 15.00
E-9 Manual Automatic-Electronic-Flash-Units Delete20.00 20.00
E-2 Manual Photographic-Electricity Delete20.00 20.00
E-3 Manual Semiconductor-Electronics-1 Delete20.00 20.00
B-8 Manual, Estimating-Repair-Charges Delete18.00 18.00
F-1 Manual Focal-Plane-Shutters Delete18.00 18.00
S-5 Manual Cross-Coupled-Meters Delete25.00 25.00
L-1 Manual Introduction-To-Shutters Delete20.00 20.00
F-5 Manual Modular-Focal-Plane-Shutters Delete20.00 20.00
C-2 Manual Camera-Design-Characteristics Delete18.00 18.00
Pentax K1000/KX svc manual Delete20.00 20.00
Pentax SV Delete12.00 12.00
Canon AE-1 svc manual Delete25.00 25.00
Rolleiflex Camera Part_3 Service_manual Delete20.00 20.00
Pentax ESII Delete20.00 20.00
Pentax Spotmatic NC-svc manual Delete25.00 25.00
SPT Service notes Delete20.00 20.00
Kodak 105 fiche Delete50.00 50.00
Rolleiflex Camera Part_2 Service_manual Delete25.00 25.00
Alpa 10D manual Delete20.00 20.00
Pentax 1degMeter Delete10.00 10.00
Pentax S1a Delete12.00 12.00
Synchro Compur 00-MXV 59pgs Delete25.00 25.00
Rolleiflex Part_views_29pgs Delete15.00 15.00
Pentax (set1) Delete150.00 150.00
Pentax Spotmatic service Delete15.00 15.00
Canon (set 2) Delete120.00 120.00
Pentax 6x7 Delete20.00 20.00
Canon AE-1 Prg svc manual Delete20.00 20.00
Minolta XD-7/11 parts Delete5.00 5.00
Synchro Compur QuickChange 17pgs Delete8.00 8.00
Kodak 120 fiche Delete60.00 60.00
Synchro Compur instructions 21pgs Delete12.00 12.00
Minolta Maxxum Demi S/C Delete5.00 5.00
Kodak 125 fiche Delete50.00 50.00
Fuji DL-400 Delete6.00 6.00
Fuji DL-200 Delete6.00 6.00
Canon Sureshot AF35-M manual Delete8.00 8.00
Pentax Spotmatic Delete10.00 10.00
Yashica Electro35 Svc manual Delete10.00 10.00
Minolta Weathermatic Delete10.00 10.00
Canon FTb svc manual Delete12.00 12.00
Kodak 30 fiche Delete25.00 25.00
Canon (set 1) Delete150.00 150.00
Minolta XG-A parts Delete5.00 5.00
Canon Sureshot AF35-M factory_manual_64pgs Delete12.00 12.00

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Shipping 0.00

TOTAL 1,390.00

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