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Product Quantity Price Amount
FIRERET_ Fire_retardant_solution/qt 7.75 7.75
C196TIS-Titanium_Alloy_Swarf_5lbs 0.00 0.00
Internet_Special_Magnesium_-50 100_C158/50100-30_lbs 172.50 172.50
C194-Strontium_Nitrate_30lb 118.50 118.50
C162B1-Metalurgical_Dross_Drum/330lb 227.70 227.70
Internet_Special_C157FS-30_lbs 82.50 82.50
C099ES-Aluminum_Sparkler-Internet_Special-30_Pound_price 171.00 171.00
C149C-Hexamine_275lbs 811.25 811.25
C104ARC-Aluminum_Roof_Coating-55gal-Internet_Special 495.00 495.00
C099ES-Aluminum_Sparkler-Internet_Special-10_Pound_price 77.00 77.00
C149E-HX-878-Internet_Special 39.00 39.00
C194B-Internet_Special-30lb_Price 205.50 205.50
C104AP/30-Aluminum_Paste-30lbs-Internet_Special 142.50 142.50
C196TIS-Titanium_Alloy_Swarf 0.00 0.00
C157CRL-Magnesium_Hollow_Curl_2lbs 11.70 11.70

All prices are in US Dollars TOTAL 2,561.90

Shipping prices will be figured by us, due to the complexity of it, when we get your order. If you would like, we can email you the total for the order, but please let us know that you would like us to do so.
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