The Rock Shed

Product Quantity Price Amount
5 Lbs Brazilian Agate Delete17.50 17.50
FO700c Fossil Stand Delete85.00 85.00
H404c Petrified Wood Heart Delete26.00 26.00
PR505b Marble Vase Delete45.00 45.00
EGG601c Orthoceras Egg Delete12.00 12.00
GAL504b Petrified Wood Delete180.00 180.00
H320c Poly Chrome Jasper Heart Delete30.00 30.00
PR300c Reconstituted Amber Skull Delete30.00 30.00
BK307c Brazilian Agate Bookends Delete60.00 60.00
M502b Dogtooth Calcite Delete50.00 50.00
PN701c Amber Pendant Delete32.00 32.00
H308b Carnelian Heart Delete24.00 24.00
M800c Terlingua Calcite Delete20.00 20.00
H514b Mineral Quartz Heart Delete22.00 22.00
8in 320 Silicon Belt Delete3.15 3.15
3 Lbs Serape Jasper Delete24.00 24.00
PR637hb Arizona Sandstone Delete35.00 35.00
LT402b OrangeSeleniteLite Delete20.00 20.00
PR513b Amethyst Free Form Delete90.00 90.00
2 Lbs Fossil Rock Delete8.00 8.00
5 Lbs Tiger Eye Delete36.00 36.00
Vinyl Shop Apron Delete4.00 4.00
2 Lbs Lg Blue Lace Agate Delete30.00 30.00
M503c Mimetite Delete28.00 28.00
GAL710b Brecciated Poly Chrome Sphere Delete300.00 300.00
EGG609b Ocean Jasper Egg Delete22.00 22.00
2 Lbs Mexican Red Jasper Delete7.00 7.00
BK301b Pink Braz Agate Bkends Delete40.00 40.00
GAL502b Petrified Wood Delete90.00 90.00
M619b Aquamarine Delete50.00 50.00
H414b Red Fiber Optic Heart Delete9.00 9.00
1 Lb Lg Howlite Delete4.00 4.00
PR639hc Arizona Picture Sandstone Delete14.00 14.00
FO554hb Fossil Shark Tooth Delete250.00 250.00
1 Lb Red/Gold Tiger Eye Delete8.00 8.00
2 Lbs Amethyst Crystals Delete10.00 10.00
6406 1/8 screen Delete22.50 22.50
BK704c Orthoceras Bookends Delete35.00 35.00
2 Lbs Garnet Delete32.00 32.00
PR910c Amethyst Delete60.00 60.00
EGG210b Malachite Egg Delete170.00 170.00
3 Lbs Prairie Jasper/Agate Delete15.00 15.00
1 Lb Mexican Red Jasper Delete3.50 3.50
H312b PolyChrome Jasper Heart Delete28.00 28.00
M412b Apophyllite Delete45.00 45.00
SP1005b PolyChromeJasper Sphere Delete60.00 60.00
1 Lb Small Blue Lace Agate Delete8.50 8.50
PR638hc Arizona Sandstone Delete30.00 30.00
2 Lbs Crushed Glass Delete9.00 9.00
PR212c Landscape Quartz Delete30.00 30.00
M601c Cobaltocalcite Delete50.00 50.00
M805c Fluorite Delete8.00 8.00
PR202c Rhondenite Delete80.00 80.00
UV10/Mod B/UV10MB Bowl Wing Nut Delete0.35 0.35

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TOTAL 2,402.50
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