The Rock Shed

Product Quantity Price Amount
110 Motor Lot O Tumbler Delete104.00 104.00
B106C India Jasper Beads Delete6.00 6.00
H114b Carnelian Heart Delete60.00 60.00
PW101b Petrified Wood Delete50.00 50.00
PW106c Petrified Wood Delete18.00 18.00
TWIN Lot O Tumbler 110Volt Motor Grit Delete265.00 265.00
FO103b Fossil Shrimp Delete45.00 45.00
H120b Tiger Eye Heart Delete12.00 12.00
Lot O Tumbler 110Volt Motor Grit Delete192.00 192.00
B107B Amethyst Beads Delete6.00 6.00
H105b Rose Quartz Heart Delete35.00 35.00
H109b Septarian Nodule Heart Delete250.00 250.00
PW102b Petrified Wood Delete50.00 50.00
PW109b Petrified Wood Delete45.00 45.00
H115b Petrified Wood Heart Delete32.00 32.00
PW450hb Petrified Wood Delete45.00 45.00
H106b Chevron Amethyst Heart Delete9.00 9.00
B102C Smokey Quartz Beads Delete8.00 8.00
FO105b Dinosaur Bone Delete125.00 125.00
DG100b 40mmClear Delete4.00 4.00
PW104b Petrified Wood Delete40.00 40.00
GR101b Fishtail Mica Delete70.00 70.00
1FN4 6 Sm Gold Bellcaps Delete0.75 0.75
DG103b 40mmTurquoise Delete4.00 4.00
DG106b 60mmClear Delete6.00 6.00
DG101b 40mmLtBlue Delete4.00 4.00
1FN11 12 Jring Lg Silver Delete0.70 0.70
DG107b 60mmPink Delete6.00 6.00
DG111b 60mmGreen Delete6.00 6.00
DG112b 60mmFuchsia Delete6.00 6.00
BD7 Trim Saw complete Delete775.00 775.00
1FN21 Gold Bracelet Delete4.75 4.75
PW100b Petrified Wood Delete65.00 65.00
1FN04 6 Med Silver Bellcaps Delete1.00 1.00
Fan Set Lo 0tTumb 2 pcs Delete22.00 22.00
PW108c Petrified Wood Delete75.00 75.00
DG104b 40mmGreen Delete4.00 4.00
DG113b 60mmRoyal Delete6.00 6.00
Combination Wet Belt Sander Polisher ***NOTE:Actual Shipping Costs will Apply Delete700.00 700.00
DG108b 60mmLtBlue Delete6.00 6.00
DG102b 40mmBlue Delete4.00 4.00
H115c Petrified Wood Heart Delete35.00 35.00
1FN15 6 Gold Leaf Bails Delete0.75 0.75
1FN24 6 Gold Pronged Bail Delete2.50 2.50
1FN13 6 Earrings Silver Color Delete1.25 1.25
SP118b Agate Sphere Delete100.00 100.00

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