The Rock Shed

Product Quantity Price Amount
H100b Labradorite Heart Delete200.00 200.00
H108c Smokey Quartz Heart Delete45.00 45.00
H112b Blue Calcite Heart Delete25.00 25.00
H106b Chevron Amethyst Heart Delete10.00 10.00
H113c Septarian Heart Delete22.00 22.00
H120c Tiger Eye Heart Delete10.00 10.00
H118c Amazonite Heart Delete25.00 25.00
H122b Copper Heart Delete20.00 20.00
BG04 Grey Felt Bag Delete1.00 1.00
H103b Pyrite Heart Delete90.00 90.00
BG01 Blue Felt Bag Delete1.00 1.00
H116c Ocean Jasper Heart Delete28.00 28.00
H115c Petrified Wood Heart Delete65.00 65.00
BG02 Red Felt Bag Delete1.00 1.00
H101b Poly Chrome Heart Delete26.00 26.00
H110b Kumbaba Jasper Heart Delete16.00 16.00
BG03 Black Felt Bag Delete1.00 1.00
H117b Agate Heart Delete28.00 28.00
H114b Carnelian Heart Delete48.00 48.00
GR101b Fishtail Mica Delete70.00 70.00
H105b Rose Quartz Heart Delete45.00 45.00
H107c Multi-color Granite Heart Delete30.00 30.00
H102c BlackSkin Agate Heart Delete24.00 24.00
FO112c Knightia Fossil Fish Delete30.00 30.00
FO100b Fossil Kit Delete13.00 13.00
FO103c Crinoid Delete160.00 160.00
FO110c Large Trilobite Delete40.00 40.00
FO102b Turritella Agate Delete40.00 40.00
FO101b Orthoceras Fossils Delete24.00 24.00
FO107b Fossil Dish Delete40.00 40.00
FO114c Nautiloid Delete60.00 60.00
FO111b Fossil Clam Delete18.00 18.00
FO116b Ammonite Delete210.00 210.00
FO109c Sand Dollar Delete20.00 20.00
FO115b Coprolite Delete50.00 50.00
FO106c Turitella Fossil Delete30.00 30.00
FO104b SD Ammonite Delete50.00 50.00
FO105c Trilobite Delete50.00 50.00
EGG103c Petrified Wood Egg Delete80.00 80.00
SEP111c Blue Calcite Buffalo Delete28.00 28.00
SEP102c Septarian Bear Delete65.00 65.00
SEP105c Septarian End Cut Delete190.00 190.00
SEP112b Septarian Heart Bowl Delete110.00 110.00
EGG104c Crystal Quartz Egg Delete28.00 28.00
EGG112c Rainbow Obsidian Egg Delete22.00 22.00
EGG107c Septarian Egg Delete16.00 16.00
EGG113c Rhyolite Egg Delete12.00 12.00
EGG114b Spider Web Obsidian Egg Delete25.00 25.00
SEP103b Septarian Free Form Delete40.00 40.00
SEP110c Septarian End Cut Delete220.00 220.00
EGG105b Poly Chrome Jasper Egg Delete175.00 175.00
EGG109c Rose Quartz Egg Delete15.00 15.00
SEP100b Septarian Slab Delete40.00 40.00
SEP108b Sept Buffalo Delete60.00 60.00
SEP114c Orange Calcite Buffalo Delete20.00 20.00
EGG108b Selenite Egg Delete12.00 12.00
SEP107c Septarian Egg Delete70.00 70.00
EGG111b Ocean Jasper Egg Delete35.00 35.00
SEP109c Septarian Sphere Delete60.00 60.00
EGG101c Petrified Wood Egg Delete60.00 60.00
SEP104b Septarian End Cut Delete175.00 175.00
EGG110c Snakeskin Jasper Egg Delete10.00 10.00
SEP101c Picasso Buffalo Delete32.00 32.00
EGG100b Amethyst Egg Delete35.00 35.00
SEP106b Picasso Marble Bear Delete60.00 60.00

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