The Rock Shed

Product Quantity Price Amount
LT200c Salt Lamp Delete24.00 24.00
N307c Gilson Opal Delete26.00 26.00
SEP201c Picasso Buffalo Delete50.00 50.00
M410b Eudialyte Delete14.00 14.00
M409c Wulfenite Delete30.00 30.00
PRS25c Fluorite Delete16.00 16.00
FO311c Didymoceras Delete60.00 60.00
3 Lbs Script Stone Delete18.00 18.00
BK705c Teal Brazilian Agate Bookends Delete55.00 55.00
PR325c Lg Reconstituted Amber Skull Delete90.00 90.00
SP1009b OrangeCalcite Sph Delete75.00 75.00
FO701b Geisonoceras Delete50.00 50.00
SP602b Jasper Sphere Delete200.00 200.00
5 Lbs Trias Agate Delete45.00 45.00
H309b Selenite Heart Delete8.00 8.00
PR716b Anhydrite Stand Up Delete85.00 85.00
H515c Green Aventurine Heart Delete8.50 8.50
SEP203c Septarian Sphere Delete45.00 45.00
5 Lb Graded 220 Grit Delete16.00 16.00
PR213c Malachite Delete65.00 65.00
5 Lbs Whole Prairie Jasper Delete22.50 22.50
SP606b Aragonite Sphere Delete30.00 30.00
M605c Smithsonite Delete30.00 30.00
Pointed Chisel Delete8.95 8.95
1 Lb Small Mexican Lace Agate Delete5.00 5.00
2 Lbs Small Mexican Lace Agate Delete10.00 10.00
EGG602c Picture Jasper Egg Delete10.00 10.00
3 Lbs Extra Large Mexican Lace Agate Delete20.00 20.00
M519c Green Tourmaline Delete75.00 75.00
5 Lbs Prairie Jasper/Agate Delete22.50 22.50
1 Lb DesertJasper Delete4.00 4.00
SP500c Copper Sph Delete36.00 36.00
PR312c Peacock Marble Vase Delete20.00 20.00
SEP305b Calcite Bear Delete20.00 20.00
8in 800 Silicon Carbide Disc Delete2.95 2.95
LT410b Orange Calcite Lamp Delete80.00 80.00
H221b Polychrome Jasper Heart Delete24.00 24.00
CV304b Soapstone Turtle Delete24.00 24.00
5 Lbs Script Stone Delete27.50 27.50
H422b Green Fiber Optic Heart Delete9.00 9.00
H207b PolyChrome Jasper Heart Delete18.00 18.00
PR640hc Arizona Sandstone Pic Delete45.00 45.00
3 Lbs Black Onyx Delete13.50 13.50
1 Lb Botswana Agates Delete14.00 14.00
EGG813c Fossil Marble Egg Delete6.00 6.00
PR614c Lepidolite Knife Delete110.00 110.00
FO411c Petrified Wood Delete80.00 80.00
EGG407c Carnelian Egg Delete80.00 80.00
BK605c Brazilian Agate Bookends Delete60.00 60.00
FO412b Hematite Psuedomorph Delete85.00 85.00
1 Lb Picture Jasper Delete4.00 4.00
SP901b Kambaba Jasper Sphere Delete100.00 100.00
GAL507c Petrified Wood Delete225.00 225.00
PR516b Onyx Box Delete24.00 24.00
2 Lbs Merlinite Delete9.00 9.00
H212b Green Aventurine Heart Delete8.50 8.50
PR503b Rose Quartz Delete35.00 35.00
2 Lbs Lg Serape Jasper Delete16.00 16.00
PR517c Petrified Wood Stans Up Delete45.00 45.00
M316b Grossular Garnet Delete35.00 35.00
M513b Azurite Delete80.00 80.00
FO403b Fossil Coral Delete16.00 16.00
PR514c Green Calcite Delete25.00 25.00
EGG201b Mahogany Obsidian Egg Delete25.00 25.00
SP512b Honey Calcite Sphere Delete55.00 55.00
M414c Libyan Desert Glass Delete60.00 60.00
H408b Mookaite Jasper Heart Delete8.50 8.50
5 Lbs Salmon Feldspar Delete12.50 12.50
M713b Dugway Geode Delete14.00 14.00
1 Lb Small Serape Jasper Delete7.00 7.00
C310b Sodalite Eagle Delete14.50 14.50
AM605c Amber Earring Delete15.00 15.00
SEP307b Septarian Bear Delete80.00 80.00
8in 400 Silicon Belt Delete3.15 3.15
M404c Bismuth Delete45.00 45.00

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