The Rock Shed

Product Quantity Price Amount
8300047 GP6 CarbWhl Less Motor ***NOTE:Actual Shipping Costs will Apply Delete1,035.00 1,035.00
BK104b Septarian Bookends Delete225.00 225.00
Sale SS24 8302024 Slab Saw ***NOTE:Actual Shipping-Crating Costs will Apply Delete5,875.00 5,875.00
BK4 Fairburn Agate BH Book Delete17.95 17.95
CP103b Copal Delete15.00 15.00
CP108c Copal Delete8.00 8.00
CP118b Copal Delete16.00 16.00
50 Dollar Gift Card Delete50.00 50.00
BK101c Dugway Geode Bookends Delete140.00 140.00
PR102c Black Skin Agate Delete45.00 45.00
168077FPS GP8 Polishing System ***NOTE:Actual Shipping Costs will Apply Delete2,100.00 2,100.00
CP119c Copal Delete26.00 26.00
K112b 5LBS BG Tiger Eye Delete45.00 45.00
H101b Poly Chrome Heart Delete48.00 48.00
SS18 20in Blade 8302020 Slab Saw ***NOTE:Actual Shipping-Crating Costs will Apply Delete4,645.00 4,645.00
SEP109c Septarian Sphere Delete60.00 60.00
8300011 TSComb CarbWhl Complete ***NOTE:Actual Shipping Costs will Apply Delete1,205.00 1,205.00
8300049 GP6Belts DiaWhl LessMotor Delete1,350.00 1,350.00
25 Dollar Gift Card Delete25.00 25.00
3 Lb Plastic Pellet Delete9.75 9.75
CP112b Copal Delete15.00 15.00
FO106b Turitella Fossil Delete30.00 30.00
8300010 TSComb CarbWhl less Motor ***NOTE:Actual Shipping Costs will Apply Delete910.00 910.00
Power Unit ***NOTE:Actual Shipping Costs will Apply Delete400.00 400.00
K123 2LBS Snowflake Obsidian Delete16.00 16.00
BK4 Fairburn Agate Black Hills Delete17.95 17.95
AG104c Fairburn Agate Delete120.00 120.00
BK18 Smith Rocks Minerals Book Delete22.00 22.00
CP120c Copal Delete35.00 35.00
2 Lb 500 Silicon Carbide Grit Delete8.00 8.00
SS18 8302018 Slab Saw ***NOTE:Actual Shipping-Crating Costs will Apply Delete4,500.00 4,500.00
8300048 Sale GP6Belts DiaWhl Complete ***NOTE:Actual Shipping Costs will Apply Delete1,525.00 1,525.00
SEP110c Septarian End Cut Delete220.00 220.00
K103 Red Jasper Delete4.00 4.00
BK5 Collecting Fluor Minerals Delete29.99 29.99
BK103b Blue Brazilian Agate Bookends Delete60.00 60.00
8300012 Sale TSComb DiaWhl Comp ***NOTE:Actual Shipping Costs will Apply Delete1,485.00 1,485.00
CP106c Copal Delete15.00 15.00
TSComb DiaWhl less Motor ***NOTE:Actual Shipping Costs will Apply Delete1,375.00 1,375.00
100 Dollar Gift Card Delete100.00 100.00
K112b 2LBS BG Tiger Eye Delete20.00 20.00
K107 2LBS G Tiger Eye Tumbled Delete20.00 20.00
BK7 Pocket Book Gemstones Delete6.99 6.99
5 Lbs 1000 AOgrit Delete20.00 20.00
K107 5LBS G Tiger Eye Tumbled Delete45.00 45.00
K123 5LBS Snowflake Obsidian Delete35.00 35.00

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