The Rock Shed

Product Quantity Price Amount
330011 BD303P DBlade Delete86.50 86.50
H108c Clr Qtz Heart Delete24.00 24.00
330008 BD303P DBlade Delete63.50 63.50
PN710b Amber Pend Delete22.00 22.00
156659 303CR DBlade Delete54.50 54.50
PN701b Amber Pend Delete42.00 42.00
153689 303CR DBlade Delete43.50 43.50
153696 303CR DBlade Delete71.50 71.50
153742 303CR DBlade Delete41.50 41.50
330010 BD303P DBlade Delete86.50 86.50
153630 303CR DBlade Delete51.50 51.50
BK111c Orange Calcite Bookends Delete50.00 50.00
BK112b Geisonceras Bookends Delete45.00 45.00
BK106b Brazilian Agate Bookend Delete48.00 48.00
BK100b Brown Orthoceras Bookends Delete38.00 38.00
BK103b Blue Brazilian Agate Bookends Delete60.00 60.00
BK101c Dugway Geode Bookends Delete140.00 140.00
AG106c Dryhead Agate Delete80.00 80.00
G106c Homestake Gold Delete50.00 50.00
AG103b Fairburn Agate Delete75.00 75.00
G101b Black Hills Gold Delete140.00 140.00
LR5 LgAZPet Wood ***NOTE:Actual Shipping Costs will Apply Delete1,800.00 1,800.00
LR6 Pudding Stone ***NOTE:Actual Shipping Costs will Apply Delete2,500.00 2,500.00
LR1 LgPet Wood ***NOTE:Actual Shipping Costs will Apply Delete850.00 850.00
LR4 Zebra Marble ***NOTE:Actual Shipping Costs will Apply Delete450.00 450.00
LR2 Arizona Petrified Wood ***NOTE:Actual Shipping Costs will Apply Delete1,800.00 1,800.00
SDTurtle LG turtle stand Delete2.50 2.50
SDTurtle sm turtle stand Delete1.25 1.25
WR4 3 leg iron stand Delete1.00 1.00
SDTurtle med turtle stand Delete2.00 2.00
K110 Dyed Tumble Mix Delete4.00 4.00
K111 Carnelian Agate Delete4.00 4.00
K107 G Tiger Eye Tumbled Delete4.00 4.00

All prices are in US Dollars Subtotal 8,731.75
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TOTAL 8,731.75
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