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Product Quantity Price Amount
Product thumbnail a289-L TexCare 1 liter
Update  Delete17.95 17.95
Product thumbnail a3105 Zero Gauss Chamber
Update  Delete395.00 395.00
Product thumbnail a289-P TexCare, powder
Update  Delete17.95 17.95
Product thumbnail a452 Socket Tester Including Proper Ground Test
Update  Delete14.95 14.95
Product thumbnail a381 EarthSafe Plug-In
Update  Delete249.95 249.95
Product thumbnail A174-12 Universal International DC Power Supply
Update  Delete8.95 8.95
Product thumbnail a389 Jumbo Coil
Update  Delete29.95 29.95
Product thumbnail a128-T Telescoping Antenna
Update  Delete15.00 15.00
Product thumbnail a380 EarthSafe Pocket
Update  Delete169.99 169.99
Product thumbnail A384 Tuning to 7.83 Hz
Update  Delete10.00 10.00
Product thumbnail a383 EarthSafe Tuning Kit
Update  Delete89.75 89.75
Product thumbnail a388 Schumann Signal Generator
Update  Delete149.95 149.95
Product thumbnail 3.5-Ban 3.5 Audio to Dual Banana Cable
Update  Delete14.95 14.95
Product thumbnail a336-L Cellphone Anti-Radiation Holster - Large
Update  Delete29.95 29.95
Product thumbnail a336-XL Cellphone Anti-Radiation Holster - XL
Update  Delete29.95 29.95
Product thumbnail a245-L Anti-Wave T-shirt, Mens large
Update  Delete79.95 79.95
Product thumbnail a247-M Anti-Wave T-shirt, Womens medium
Update  Delete79.95 79.95
Product thumbnail a247-L Anti-Wave T-shirt, Womens large
Update  Delete79.95 79.95
Product thumbnail a247-S Anti-Wave T-shirt, Womens small
Update  Delete79.95 79.95
Product thumbnail a138 Microwave Oven Leakage Meter
Update  Delete34.95 34.95
Product thumbnail a273 GIRON
Update  Delete44.95 44.95
Product thumbnail A141 Pocket PF5 Meter
Update  Delete159.95 159.95
Product thumbnail a157 MicroMag
Update  Delete175.00 175.00
Product thumbnail a223-100 MuCord, 100ft or more, per ft
Update  Delete131.00 131.00
Product thumbnail a223 MuCord per ft sale
Update  Delete1.57 1.57
Product thumbnail a148-110 Line Noise Meter 110V
Update  Delete159.95 159.95
Product thumbnail a183N Body Voltage Meter
Update  Delete89.95 89.95
Product thumbnail a281 Air Tube Headset 3 band, 2.5mm, black
Update  Delete19.95 19.95

All prices are in US Dollars Subtotal 2,381.31
Shipping 0.00
Tax 0.00

TOTAL 2,381.31

ThumbYou may also need: 783 RADEX RD1503... low cost Geiger Counter checks for radioactivity 159.95 Buy Now!
ThumbYou may also need: 452 SOCKET TESTER... check for safe ground connection in your sockets 14.95 Buy Now!
ThumbYou may also need: 232 BLOC-SOCK .. cellphone shielding pouch reduces harmful microwave radiation 34.95 Buy Now!
ThumbYou may also need: 142-20 Pocket Magnetometer... DC magnetic meter 65.95 Buy Now!
ThumbYou may also need: 412 TIN SNIPS... to cut your shielding 11.99 Buy Now!
ThumbYou may also need: 297 PORTABLE GROUND STAKE... best ground reference, easy to take with you 12.95 Buy Now!
ThumbYou may also need: 802 Stetzer Filter... Removes Dirty Electricity from household wiring 35.00 Buy Now!
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