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k593 Safe Simple...

Price: 11.95

a711 Deluxe Instrument Case

Price: 18.95

k273 GIRON

Price: 44.95

k423 Frequency Generator

Price: 74.95

k2100-UT KiloGaussmeter ultra-thin trans

Price: 525.00

A601 Mondo Magnets

Price: 16.95

k142-20 Pocket Magnetometer 20-0-20G

Price: 65.95

k787 Alkaline 9V Battery

Price: 1.95

a756-L WaveCage LockBox

Price: 24.95

a139 Acoustimeter

Price: 399.95

A489 8 GHz Electrosmog Meter

Price: 499.00

A409 18 GHz RF Meter

Price: 129.95

a483 Extended Range High Frequency Meter

Price: 795.00

a481 High Frequency Meter

Price: 347.00

A140 Acousticom2

Price: 199.95

a227 Budget RF Film

Price: 89.00

a738 Extension Cord, Shielded 6 foot

Price: 33.40

a1215-36-24 ScotchTint 36 24 ft

Price: 270.00

a1211 Conductive Tubing

Price: 1.15

A264S EMP Faraday Bag small

Price: 6.95

a738 Extension Cord, Shielded 6 foot

Price: 33.40

a312 Disposable Shielding Poncho w/ Hood

Price: 4.95

a722-10 Outlet Cover, Oversize, 10 pack

Price: 80.00

a802-3M Stetzer Multi-Pak: set of 3 filters plus Meter

Price: 184.80

a1215-36 ScotchTint 36

Price: 599.00

a1211-roll Conductive Tubing, full roll

Price: 199.00

a148-220 Line Noise Meter 220V

Price: 159.95

a803 Stetzer Meter

Price: 99.95

a276 Foil, Magnetic Shielding 15x.004

Price: 24.95

a1211 Conductive Tubing

Price: 1.15

a721 Switch Plate, Super Jumbo

Price: 29.95

A264L EMP Faraday Bag large

Price: 15.95

a128-T Telescoping Antenna

Price: 15.00

a314 4-Outlet Power Strip with Switch

Price: 6.99

a224R Grounded Socket

Price: 5.95

a1234-roll Velostat 36 4 mil roll

Price: 215.00

a720 Switch Plate, Oversize

Price: 9.95

a452 Socket Tester Including Proper Ground Test

Price: 14.95

a229 Aluminum Foil Tape

Price: 4.95

a313 Disposable Shielding Tent

Price: 12.95

a1215-60 ScotchTint 60

Price: 990.00

a312-313 Mylar Combo Pack

Price: 15.90

a736-6 Power Cord, Shielded 6 foot

Price: 26.45

a720-10 Switch Plate, Oversize, 10 pack

Price: 80.00

a276-10 Foil, Magnetic Shielding 15x.010

Price: 39.95

a313-10 Tent Bulk Pack

Price: 116.55

a312-10 Poncho Bulk Pack

Price: 44.55

a739 Extension Cord, Shielded 12 foot

Price: 42.90

a410 VLF Receiver

Price: 199.95

a226 Budget RF Curtain Shield

Price: 5.95

a275-T Thin Spira-Shield

Price: 241.00

a722 Outlet Cover, Oversize

Price: 9.95

a802-1 Stetzer Filter

Price: 35.00

a802-20 Stetzer Multi-Pak: set of 20 filters

Price: 659.95

a275-W Wide Spira-Shield

Price: 291.00

a1211-case Conductive Tubing

Price: 199.00

a736-12 Power Cord, Shielded 12 foot

Price: 36.95

a148-110 Line Noise Meter 110V

Price: 159.95

a802-5 Stetzer Multi-Pak: set of 5 filters

Price: 164.75

a804 3 Outlet Socket Adapter

Price: 2.95

A1269 RadioClear, per lf

Price: 39.95

a1234 Velostat 36 4 mil, lin ft

Price: 1.95

a739 Extension Cord, Shielded 12 foot

Price: 42.90

a723-10 Outlet Cover, Super Jumbo, 10 pack

Price: 250.00

a721-10 Switch Plate, Super Jumbo, 10 pack

Price: 250.00

a723 Outlet Cover, Super Jumbo

Price: 29.95

a120 PC Based Oscilloscope

Price: 289.00

Velostat Roll Charge

Price: 10.00

You may also need: 142-20 Pocket Magnetometer... DC magnetic meter

Price: 65.95  

You may also need: 802 Stetzer Filter... Removes Dirty Electricity from household wiring

Price: 35.00  

You may also need: 803 Stetzer Microsurge Meter... test for Dirty Electricity in your home's wiring

Price: 99.95  

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