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k388 Signal Generator

Price: 149.95

k112 AC/DC milliGaussmeter

Price: 399.95

k2100-T KiloGaussmeter trans

Price: 525.00

a232-6+ BlocSock6+

Price: 39.95

Roll Surcharge * ESD Static Fabric

Price: 10.00

a446 iPhone Extension Cord

Price: 4.95

a1213 Nickel/Copper RipStop Fabric, per lin ft (add to kit)

Price: 12.95

a714 Do Not Install Smart Meter Sign

Price: 3.95

a259 MW Absorbing Sheet, per lin ft (add to kit)

Price: 9.95

a1219 Smart Meter Shield Kit

Price: 349.95

A114 MicroTesla Meter

Price: 49.95

a154 Personal EMF Alarm

Price: 189.95

a1132-T DC/AC Gaussmeter Trans Probe

Price: 1,195.00

a475 PaceAlert

Price: 199.95

A150-F Trifield Flat Frequency Meter

Price: 149.95

Free Mini Zero Gauss Chamber

Price: 0.00

A473 EMF Hunter

Price: 79.95

a480 Digital Combination Meter

Price: 149.00

a711 Deluxe Instrument Case

Price: 18.95

A438 Tri-Mode Meter

Price: 189.95

A105R Mag-Temp Meter

Price: 109.90

a1132-A DC/AC Gaussmeter Axial Probe

Price: 1,195.00

a498 ESI 24 EMF Monitor

Price: 280.00

a1132-AT DC/AC Gaussmeter Both A-and-T Probes

Price: 1,445.00

a155 Trifield Extended Meter

Price: 189.95

a150-50 Trifield Meter 50Hz

Price: 149.95

A439 RF/Gauss Field Meter Extended

Price: 139.95

A174-12, AC to 12V adapter

Price: 8.95

a416 AC/DC Clamp Meter

Price: 89.95

a173 Audio Amplifier

Price: 14.99

a787 Alkaline 9V Battery

Price: 1.95

a435 Cornet Near Field Probe

Price: 59.00

a179-2 Compact DMM

Price: 59.95

P134-CABLE Audio Amplifier Output Cable

Price: 4.95

You may also need: 783 RADEX RD1503... low cost Geiger Counter checks for radioactivity

Price: 159.95  

You may also need: 232 BLOC-SOCK .. cellphone shielding pouch reduces harmful microwave radiation

Price: 34.95  

You may also need: 532 TAKE BACK YOUR POWER DVD... expose on smart meters and radiofrequency hazards

Price: 19.95  

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